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IN EXCLUSIVITY Worldwide!! 100% Pure Miracle Berry Powder | 5 Sticks


20 Miracle Berries pack

€24.95Regular Price€22.46Sale Price

An alternative to sugar and sweetener through a new fruit:

The Miracle Berry

  • Binds human taste receptors.

  • Temporarily makes sour and acide flavors tasting sweet.

The Miracle Berry, growing in Africa, is already known in Europe and the US for its extraordinary ability to change the taste, thanks to its protein, the Miraculin.

The perfect pleasure for your family and friends !

Let's have a "culinary journey" by trying any kind of food with the berry. Naturally, you can use the berry as part of a diet, if you want to give up sugar, but not sweetness !

We are Organic, GMO Free, Swiss Made, Fairtrade, Sugar Free and Tasty!! What else ;)!!

We have developed in EXCLUSIVITY WORLDWIDE the pure Miracle Berry powder in sticks. Easy to carry !!

100% Pure Poudre de Miraculine

Benefits and applications:

  • A good dieting supplement

  • It makes easier to take bitter medicine

  • Treatment of metallic taste due to chemotherapy

  • A healthier sweetener for Diabetics (no impact on Insulin level)

  • Food flavor enhancer

  • Controle of weight and tooth decay

  • Contains Antioxidant properties and active polyphenols


Joo Sung Lee, Corée du Sud

1. Miracle Berry Works. We had a blast with it.

2. There was a slight problem with shipping due to delays in customs, but the seller was fully supportive about the issue. All in all, everything got sorted out!

3. Personal thanks to the seller for the nice support! :

maynir-simche0, Israël

« Amazing seller, great product! 

jmcc3909, Angleterre

Brillant seller, arrived in good time, perfect product :)

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